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United States EnviroFuels, LLC. is currently in the process of developing a 30 million gallon per year sugar based Advanced Biofuel ethanol facility in Highlands County, Florida at the junction of State Road 70 and Highway 27. The advanced Highlands EnviroFuels, LLC, will process roughly 15,000 acres of biofuel cane and 15,000 acres of sweet sorghum into 30 million gallons per year of Advanced Biofuel ethanol, 20 – 25 MW of renewable power for the local grid, and 130,000 tons per year of high quality animal feed syrup.
sugar based biofuel
The process design technology for the Highlands EnviroFuels is similar to the 400 sugar – based ethanol plants in Brazil, but will be designed to meet Florida DEP regulations. The facility is being designed as a zero liquid waste effluent process, and will utilize Best Available Control Technologies to abate all air emissions.

The facility will use zero fossil fuels in the manufacturing process, resulting in a postive energy balance of 8 to 1. The ethanol produced results in an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to the manufacturing of gasoline from oil and easily meets the definition of Advanced Biofuel per the RFS2 (Renewable Fuels Standard) Federal mandate promulgated by the EPA. Advanced Biofuel as defined by the RFS2 is fuel not made from corn starch, which when manufactured, results in a 50% or greater reduction in greenhouse gas emissions versus the manufacturing of gasoline from oil. The Highlands EnviroFuels, LLC project was awarded a $7 million grant from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Farm to Fuel Program to be used for project development and for the purchase of plant and equipment. The facility will create 60 – 65 new high paying jobs directly and will create roughly 700 new indirect and induced jobs locally. It will also inject approximately $51 million into the local economy.

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